Hideo Kojima's has a new Studio with Sony?? (En/Pt)

"U thought i was stopping, huh?"
(En) Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear Solid creator, has joined Sony SCE.
According from Japanese publication Nikkei, he was talking with Sony about building a new game studio with some of the former Kojima Productions guys. Kojima has officially cut ties with Konami on this month, according with  a non-compete clause that was about to expire at


New MGSV:TPP Update Allows To Get Quiet Back!! :D

How sad the game turns out to be when those delicious pair of shaking-gelatine-boobs went away due to the fact that you reached the highest level of bondage - huh?!... 
( O.o something's weird here... )
-I MEANT, when you reached the highest level of bonding with Quiet - she leaves you for the rest of the game's life... (actually that's kinda stupid girlfriend. :P )
So, there's a new patch for MGSV, which includes getting Quiet


Hideo Kojima As Left The Building... (Konami's, of course)

(En) On October 9th, 2015, Hideo Kojima left the Tokyo offices of Konami, the videogame company where he had worked since 1986, for the last time. According to one of the hundred or so guests who attended (whose name is not to be mentioned), the departure ceremony took place at late Kojima Productions.

Konami’s president, Hideki Hayakawa or its C.E.O., Sadaaki


Metal Gear Online is ON!

(En) Metal Gear Online, the multiplayer component for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, is now available through a free update on consoles. Before you can play it, players need to have finished the 1st mission of the game "Awakening" that happen in Cyprus, installed the latest


The Non-Progression Bug of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Quiet's bug finale ^_^)
Remember the News about the save data for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain becoming corrupt if you use Quiet when playing Mission 29 or 42 as the save data may get corrupted?

I thinks that's unacceptable! We paid for a whole game and it came with problems?

"As previously communicated, a critical bug has been identified that may halt progress and corrupt game save data under certain


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Photo Comparison between PS4, PS3, Xbox360, Xbox1, and PC

(En) Konami has released a bunch of detailed screenshots on their official website about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, comparing game platforms that will receive the game in matter next September 1st, 2015.
This comparison shows in great detail, how much difference we can find between the various versions of the game. :)

(Pt) A Konami publicou na sua página oficial, um conjunto de fotos comparativas sobre a qualidade de imagem entre as várias plataformas lúdicas, para as quais o jogo Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain irá sair no próximo dia 1 de Setembro de 2015. A comparação mostra com grande detalhe, as diferenças que podemos encontrar entre as várias versões do referido jogo. :)


Journalists Try Out MGS5:The Phantom Pain and Give Their Opinions About It

SPOILER ALERT: Proceed On Reading The Gameinformer Article Below At Your Own Responsability - The Phantom Pain's has several suprises that can be ruined, and that we could never think about just by looking at GamesCon, E3, or TGS trailers.
-Once again KONAMI succeeded on spoiling the next MGS5 game like it did with Ground Zeroes - when MGS5: Ground Zeroes came out, everyone already knew what to do and where to go - no wonder


Hideo Kojima apresenta: Quiet, a Atiradora Furtiva com Mamas Fofinhas!

Quiet, personagem do próximo Metal Gear Solid 5, The Phantom Pain (tradução: A Dor Fantasma) é uma atiradora furtiva altamente letal quando vestida apenas com a sua roupa interior.
Mas existe uma razão para que isso aconteça, isto é, para ela andar sempre vestida com roupinhas de praia.

Hoje, o Hideo Kojima "tweetou" fotos da Quiet como figura de acção (boneco real) e ainda escreveu: "Yoji,

Hideo Kojima presents Quiet's Metal Gear Figure with Squishy boobs

She's arriving with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and she's a deadly sniper in her underwear, but there’s gotta be a suitable reason for this character’s sexy outfit, right?

Today, MGS creator Hideo Kojima tweeted photos of the upcoming Quiet action figure from the Play Arts Kai line. And he wrote:


Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, for the last time? Hugh Jackman como Wolverine, pela última vez?

One more?
Hugh Jackman said "This will be the last one!" - during Dr. Oz program last Tuesday "Will be my last time!" And he explained why:. "I feel it's the right time for me to leave. Let's be honest, 17 years. I never imagined it would last so long, I am very grateful to all for having given me the opportunity to play this role."Hugh Jackman has officially confirmed that "Wolverine 3" will be the last movie he'll play as the Marvel's superhero. It seems that "Wolverine 3" already has scriptwriter


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Special Editions/Edições Especiais

Bionic Arm in Collector's Edition
(EN) As expected, Special editions are in vogue so, there will be 2 special editions to choose between or to buy if you are a "Mr.Money Spender": the Day 1 Edition, and the Collector's Edition. Each one with its own specific items, which you can check in the images below. Enjoy! ;)

(PT) Tal como se esperava, Edições Especiais é coisa da Moda, então poderemos escolher entre 2 Edições Especiais (ou comprar as duas): Edição do 1ºDia, e a Edição de Coleccionador. Cada uma com os seus artigos específicos, os quais se pode confirmar nas imagens abaixo. Aproveita! ;)


MGS5 Online Supports 16 Players on PS4/Xbox One/PC But Fewer On Last Gen Consoles

Edit by Miguel Fight for Migueruta Fb page
Depending on the gaming platform used, you'll be playing with a different number of people in Metal Gear Online. This means current gen consoles and PC will allow to a maximum of 16 players to team up on MGO; by contrast (or discrimination?) the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will support a total of 12 players - according to

MGS5 Phantom Pain is 200 times bigger than Ground Zeroes?

Hideo Kojima said last year that Metal Gear Solid 5 is "hundreds of times larger" than Ground Zeroes...

But, what's new about it?... O_o?!?

According to last cyberspace game news, Hideo Kojima is preocupated due to


Hideo Kojima diz que MGS5 The Phantom Pain vai ser bem maior do que o Ground Zeroes!

Hideo Kojima referiu em 2014 que o Phantom Pain será centenas de vezes maior do que o Ground Zeroes...
-Pois, naturalmente! Mas qual é a novidade acerca disto?... O_o?!?

De acordo com as últimas notícias no cyberespaço acerca jogos, Hideo Kojima está preocupado


Homem Magoa-se a Jogar... Candy Crush? (WTF?)

O boato parece ser real, agora, uma coisa é magoares-te a jogar Rock Band com aquela guitarra cheia de botões para pressionar constantemente, mas ir parar aos diários médicos devido a lesão provocada a jogar Candy Crush... Talvez seja mais do que altura para repensar os teus hábitos de jogo.

Na Califórnia, um homem de 29 anos, tornou-se a nova sensação dos relatórios médicos no Centro Médico Naval de São Diego, depois de romper um tendão do polegar enquanto jogava Candy Crush Saga no seu telemóvel,

A Guy Injures Himself Playing... Candy Crush?

The rumor seems to be real, but now, one thing to hurt yourself playing Rock Band with that guitar full of buttons.

But when you end up in medical journals for an injury due to playing Candy Crush Saga, maybe it’s time to re-think your video gaming habits, i guess... ^_^)

 A 29 year-old California man has become the newest sensation


GTA V Streamers Get Their Games Stolen By Viewers

Those of you thinking of streaming GTA V on PC, you better finish the entire installation process before going live or you might find yourself at the mercy of your viewers.

GTA V has been launched for PC and lots of people are celebrating by streaming the game. The thing is, after you install GTA V and you press play, the first thing that shows up on your screen is a Rockstar splash screen with your key on it.  Oops!!...
So, two unlucky streamers

Games Could Use Some Of That Daredevil Magic

Image source: time
This weekend, i began watching the Daredevil series. And it struck me as something quite special. Daredevil isn’t your typical superhero!
He isn’t fighting World War II against the Red Skull or even saving the Nine Realms from Loki, much less he's defending Gotham City against its tiring recorrent villains.

The Avengers scene, edited by Migueruta
The attorney Matt Murdock isn’t


On April's 1st, Gamers be like "I'm not playing videogames today"

Yeah, right! It might be April's 1st, i guess... ^_^)

Pois, claro! Deve ser Dia das Mentiras, só pode... ^_^)


Konami confirms the end of Kojima Productions! (En) Konami confirma o Fim da Kojima Produtions! (Pt)

The big news that's chocking Metal Gear fans all over the world are definitely true! Check out the article from Gamespark...

A notícia que está a chocar os fãs por todo o Mundo é realmente verdade! Vejam o artigo da Gamespark...


PS4 The Phantom Pain Edition is Asia exclusive? :P

(EN) Guess what i found out?... Konami and Sony Computer Entertainment just announced that there will be a Playstation 4 Special Edition, with a skin based on Venom Snake's prosthetic arm and gun from the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain game! Great news, right?


Data de lançamento do MGS5: The Phantom Pain, está aí!

Data de lançamento 1 de Setembro
Enquanto estávamos á espera pelo dia 4 de Março para saber a data de lançamento do próximo Metal Gear Solid 5, The Phantom Pain, parece que já a sabemos e foi confirmada pelo próprio Hideo Kojima.

A IGN teve a infelicidade de publicar precocemente (ou não) um vídeo, onde o Kojima determina o primeiro dia de Setembro deste ano, como a data em que o jogo estará nas lojas á venda.
Ele também disse que o Big Boss será mais uma espécie de extensão silenciosa do próprio jogador,


The Phantom Pain release date is Out!

"We'll be out at the end of 2015's Summer, Oce!"
While we’re expecting the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain release date announcement by March 3rd, looks like we’re got it early.
The release date for The Phantom Pain has been confirmed by the main man, Hideo Kojima.
IGN posted a video, in which Kojima states September's 1st as the release date for the sequel of Ground Zeroes.
He also said that Snake will be just more of an extension of the player and won’t talk much, similar to what happened in Ground Zeroes:


Advertising in the 90's could be hotter than today already!

(En) These are the posters made for promoting the SEGA Megadrive's tennis game "Davis Cup World Tour Tennis". In the 90's this is way forwardish, but not all countries got this Ad for the game. Unfortunately, the game was fairly good for tennis lovers, but not that good for other gamers unlikely the idea the promotional image implied... ^_^)

(Pt) Aqui ficam as fotos promocionais usadas para o jogo de ténis de feito para a consola SEGA Megadrive "Davis Cup World Tour Tennis". Uma imagem muito "á frente" para o seu tempo, mas nem todos os países receberam este cartaz para publicitar o jogo. Infelizmente, o jogo era bom para amantes de ténis mas não era tão bom para os outros jogadores, como a imagem que o publicitava... ^_^)