Journalists Try Out MGS5:The Phantom Pain and Give Their Opinions About It

SPOILER ALERT: Proceed On Reading The Gameinformer Article Below At Your Own Responsability - The Phantom Pain's has several suprises that can be ruined, and that we could never think about just by looking at GamesCon, E3, or TGS trailers.
-Once again KONAMI succeeded on spoiling the next MGS5 game like it did with Ground Zeroes - when MGS5: Ground Zeroes came out, everyone already knew what to do and where to go - no wonder
everyone complained about gameplay time even before having played the game. That's why most players finished the game in less than one hour for the first time they played it. I took about 45 minutes to finish it at my 1st try, and i didn't interrogated any of the guards for information about Paz location.

(«Metal Gear Informer Article» )

«Several gaming journalists have been given the privilege of playing through some of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain at a preview event taking place in the studio in Los Angeles.

“Major Press and Game outlets are playing The Phantom Pain. MGSV preview is well underway. Embargo ends June 9th.” – Konami
«“It’s preview day at the LA studio where key guests have been invited to play Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain” – Metal Gear Official Twitter»
“U.S. press have 1hr window to tweet 1st impressions, to save them from bursting with contained excitement -Preview embargo lifts 9th June” – Su
Currently, GameSpot editor Peter Brown is (...) encouraging people to ask questions about this mission...
-Currently, I’m in the desert of Afghanistan looking for a secret weapon in caves. I can only talk about this mission today. Needless to say, Afghanistan, in the game, is far larger than ground zeroes. Once I think I’m growing tired of the desert environment, I discover a new locale, tucked away, that brightens things up.

So far, I’ve Fulton rescued people, supplies, and…a massive bear. The bear was very challenging! Took 10 tranq darts. In addition to soviet troops, I’ve also encountered mysterious super soldiers on this mission. These “Skulls” are very fast, and are clearly biomechanical in nature.

The day/night cycle is great, and plays a big part of strategizing. The phantom cigar is weird! The mission to find the weapon takes you through massive military installations tucked away in the desert. The scale of them is daunting.
In this mission, Episode 6 (“Where do the bees sleep?”), I’m 4% into the game, at about 7 hours of gameplay, give or take.
Here are some of the answers he provided:
Q: Can you still tranq/cqc skulls or are they like snatchers in jamais vu where something is preventing anything but outright killing?
A: they are so strong that I wouldn’t dare try at this point.
Q: How was the weapon variety/recoil? Do the guns feel meaty?
A: There are a lot of weapons at the moment, many w/unique characteristics.
Q: How does open world MGS feel? Open world games generally have quests, stuff to explore and find.
A: Lots of that so far. Both prescribed and organic
Q: Are there any map restrictions?
A: None that I’m aware of at the moment, but I’ve been focusing on missions.
Q: These biomechanical soldiers, can you give us some more info on them? Do they talk or make noises? Any info would be great
A: They didn’t talk. They’re commanded by someone familiar, however. Can’t say more.
Q: Have you been introduced to new characters? Yes or no?? (...)
A: Yes.
Q: How has the enemy ai been?
A: A good mix, actually.

He also confirmed the biomechanical soldiers are the same seen in the E3 2013 trailer - “Those Who Don’t Exist”.

“Did you know you can customize your emblem in MGSV?” – Metal Gear Official Twitter
Joe McCallister from Examiner (...)...
-I can confirm that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is expansive, beautiful, and a seriously deep game, almost too much to do, but…Not overwhelming. Been able to get mauled by a bear, recruit a decent sized PMC, and punch nearly everything. Also dropped a crate on my horse and myself, which deserves its own trophy.

Currently tasked with taking out three unit commanders holding a meeting, question is how quiet can I be until I find out how loud I can be.

You know those games you put down then immediately want to jump back in? Got that feeling with MGSV: TPP For sure.

At certain points the environments and level design are straight up photorealistic, music and sound as always are on point

“Everyone’s concentrating on the mission” – Metal Gear Official Twitter
David Roberts from Games Radar...
-So I’ve been playing Metal Gear Solid V for about 8 hours now. :D
Obviously, I can’t talk a whole lot about it right now. But it feels like Peace Walker blown out to huge, open-world proportions. I’m on mission 8 right now, and I need to find a colonel and his accompanying tank squad. But to do that, I need to find some intel.

Plus, I need to find more soldiers to “recruit” using the Fulton recovery system in order to research a new rocket launcher. Once I do that, those tanks are as good as blown up. Or, if I were better at the game, I could always use C4.

Matthew Kato from Game Informer...
-Got my trusty horse in her battle dress and we’re stomping through the afhgan mnts. Covered in blood! Mid-mission trying to locate Honey Bee weapon. Stopping to take care of Soviet relay station. Lets find some intel!
Wow, did I get lucky. Spontaneous dust storm covered my entrance. Soviets are clueless.
That didn’t last long… resorted to using thier anti-aircraft gun against them. Oh well.
Cover of night is the perfect way to walk away from that disaster!
Narrowly avoided any enemy heli while I was on horseback. That would have been bad.
Been hearing a puppy yelp, but can’t find it! Would love to have returned it to Mother Base.

Jose Otero (IGN)...
-I played 6 missions of MGS5 yesterday (8+ hours). (...) For now, I’ll say this: If MGS4 Act 1 and Peace Walker had a baby, it would be MGS5. Huge spaces to explore. Lots of resources to develop.

Steve Haske...
-Hanging out with my wolf pup pal on Mother Base. He likes getting his belly scratched.

Caleb Lawson (IGN)...
-Played about 7 hours of MGSV yesterday and it feels like the giant, open map Peace Walker sequel we’ve been promised. 7 hours put me only 10 episodes into Chapter 1 of MGSV while forcing myself to basically ignore Mother Base. So much to do.

Impressions from the European press will come at a later time:
“European press invited to the event will be tweeting 1st impressions later on in the week, watch this space” – Su (...) »

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