New MGSV:TPP Update Allows To Get Quiet Back!! :D

How sad the game turns out to be when those delicious pair of shaking-gelatine-boobs went away due to the fact that you reached the highest level of bondage - huh?!... 
( O.o something's weird here... )
-I MEANT, when you reached the highest level of bonding with Quiet - she leaves you for the rest of the game's life... (actually that's kinda stupid girlfriend. :P )
So, there's a new patch for MGSV, which includes getting Quiet
back so you can jerk off as many times you want...- I MEAN, so you can play with her as many times you desire! O:)
Link your console to the internet and update MGS5:TPP and replay the "Cloaked in Silence" mission 7 times if you have lost her and want her back or tired of the butterfly emblem on your Motherbase symbol. :) 

«Its highly unlikely that Konami Japan had this planned but more likely caved into console players complaints about the PC side having the ability to mod Quiet back in game after her departure in game. In the latest patch if you replay “Cloaked in Silence” mission 7 times Quiet will be reactivated for use in game.» (source: metal-gear.net)

                  (images source: metal-gear.net)

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