Hideo Kojima Denies Metal Gear Rising 2 Tease

Sorry guys, but looks like that wasn’t a Metal Gear Rising 2 teaser on
Taipei Game Show! (Oops...)

Since the rumors about the development of the second Metal Gear Rising for PlayStation 4 are growing.
And those who saw the video with a blink-and-you-miss-it number 2 (during the Taipei Game Show), with a familiar and light textured font kinda related to Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, got carried away with excitement, hoping for something new that's not really confirmed...

Actually, besides being a sort of visual number countdown, it was totally denied by Hideo Kojima and Konami producer Ken-ichiro Imaizumi.

The number 2 we can see in the image above flashed quickly during a montage of upcoming PlayStation games, appeared during part of Taipei Game Show's live stream. You can see the tease yourself by checking out the stream here and jumping to around the 2:46 mark.

If you look at the Metal Gear Rising logo and compare it to the font of the number two shown, it looks pretty damn close if not exact, but unfortunately it does not refers to that game.

Source: TGS Live on Twitch, NeoGAF, vg247

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