The Phantom Pain release date is Out!

"We'll be out at the end of 2015's Summer, Oce!"
While we’re expecting the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain release date announcement by March 3rd, looks like we’re got it early.
The release date for The Phantom Pain has been confirmed by the main man, Hideo Kojima.
IGN posted a video, in which Kojima states September's 1st as the release date for the sequel of Ground Zeroes.
He also said that Snake will be just more of an extension of the player and won’t talk much, similar to what happened in Ground Zeroes:

 “Snake will be more of a silent protagonist(...) It’s the characters around him who will expand the story.”
 In other words, Kojima just said that, you'll pay 60/70 dollars for it, but Big Boss won't speak much during the game because we have no longer enough patience to invest, in developing a oral interaction between Snake and the other game characters, similar to what we did in the first 3 Metal Gear Solids - and you can kiss my niponic butt! :P
 At least, for those who didn't fan Kiefer's voice as Big Boss, you won't have to put up with it very much - that's gotta be good news, i guess. Right? :)

Let's hope it will not be like
the Ground Zeroes release
Once again, like a tradition call, Hideo Kojima refers that this will be his final Metal Gear game, but we already know that Konami, from time to time, shows up in his office with this big load of cash stuck in a huge briefcase and Kojima can't help himself react like:
-"Fuck it! Let's do one more Metal Gear!" xD

Now, seriously, as for the future of the series, people would love to see the Remake of the first 2 Metal Gears made for MSX, but Kojima says that he wants to pass the series torch somehow, like he did with the idea for Metal Gear Rising, starring Metal Gear Solid 2 character: Raiden.

"Wanna end the series, Kojima? Let's end it right now!" ^_^)

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