MGS5 Phantom Pain is 200 times bigger than Ground Zeroes?

Hideo Kojima said last year that Metal Gear Solid 5 is "hundreds of times larger" than Ground Zeroes...

But, what's new about it?... O_o?!?

According to last cyberspace game news, Hideo Kojima is preocupated due to
the fact that his team, Kojima Produtions, despite Big Boss being kinda mute character this time, is in fact developing the most massive game story ever for the Phantom Pain.

This means there will be a very long gameplay!
-Fuck, YEAH! ^_^)

Besides claiming that the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be "hundreds of times larger" than its soon-to-be-released prequel (Ground Zeroes), it might be too big to finish and players will get tired from it...

What i have to say about that? Honestly?...

We are waiting for a game like that since the end of the last century, back in the old days when things were simpler, and the pixelized games could last for weeks, or even months to finish! 
Now Hideo Kojima «has become afraid of his own creations??» (MGS3'S Major Zero quote)

I think this might be a marketing strategy used by Kojima himself to excite fans towards the next Metal Gear Solid 5.

I think that will be very well spent money, Kojima-sama! Except for Ground Zeroes off course... That was a "prostitute-game"! But you wouldn't charge us with 30$ for a "demo" if you're sooooo damn worried about fans, right? ;P

Kojima might say on his beahalf "That was Konami's decision!" - yeah, right! But i'm pretty sure, the decision was made along with game's creator.

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