Hideo Kojima presents Quiet's Metal Gear Figure with Squishy boobs

She's arriving with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and she's a deadly sniper in her underwear, but there’s gotta be a suitable reason for this character’s sexy outfit, right?

Today, MGS creator Hideo Kojima tweeted photos of the upcoming Quiet action figure from the Play Arts Kai line. And he wrote:
Yoji, a supervisor says some soft materials enables to be pushed & lifted. lol

Regarding her outfit, till now no night footage from The Phantom Pain included Quiet, only by day sunny time we had the chance to see her in action - that's why i say she needs the sun's light on her skin to to be able to use her powers, and by night she has none due to darkness. ;)

If you’re a action figure collector, you'll love this one! ^_^)
And i can already image the selfies people will take to this doll's boobs just to post it on facebook! HAHAHAH!! xD

(this article was written in portuguese too, click here for it ;)


Quiet, The Sniper - inner package bed

Swapping heads is an option? You gotta admit this is creepy!

Hey! What part of No Touching you don’t understand, buster?

"Damn! They feel so good, Quiet... Are they natural?..."

"I do look fap hot, don't i?"

Images: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Miguel Fight

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