The Phantom Pain Characters: Revolver Ocelot

Revolver Ocelot - Mcfarlane action figure
Back when bulky instruction manuals were still a thing, I always flicked through the pages, past the controls, past the copyright, and “how not to break the game” information to find the character pages. Partially because it usually contained information about the boss fights, and how to beat them.

As was the case with Metal Gear Solid, back on the PSone. The 11 year-old me giggled in delight to see the fantastic selection of enemies I’d be going up against. A psychic in a gas mask. A shaman with a minigun. The evil clone of the protagonist. Despite knowing Metal Gear Solid was a stealth game, I honestly couldn’t wait for the boss fights. I asked my friend who had already beaten the game who I’d be facing first. He shrugged. “Revolver Ocelot, I think.” My heart sank a bit. Out of all the wacky bosses we could face, the aging man with an antique pistol didn’t seem too exciting—how wrong I was.