Games Could Use Some Of That Daredevil Magic

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This weekend, i began watching the Daredevil series. And it struck me as something quite special. Daredevil isn’t your typical superhero!
He isn’t fighting World War II against the Red Skull or even saving the Nine Realms from Loki, much less he's defending Gotham City against its tiring recorrent villains.

The Avengers scene, edited by Migueruta
The attorney Matt Murdock isn’t
saving the world, and it did felt good enough. He's sort of local vigilante.

Unlike Superman, Batman, Captain America and other superheroes, Daredevil is not trying to save the world! Actually, although he lives on Manhattan (it's a big area), he's specially concentrated on make his neighborhood (Hell’s Kitchen) a better place, a safer home for its residents.

In the first episode , we spot a Marvel world cross-references: mentioned as “the incident”, which is related to The Battle of New York, depicted in The Avengers.

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But the main character's focus on his neighbourhood, he makes small local conflicts seem crucial and his minor victories feel as big as the events portraited by the teaming up Avengers.

We find morally ambiguous heroes in games and movies. And we wonder, are they setting a good example?
Most of the time we expect heroes to be saving the world, overcoming contemporary military conflicts, slaying dragons, closing rifts to demon dimensions, ending galactic wars, and quite literally holding mankind back from the brink of extinction over and over again.

These heroes are never winning small victories for the betterment of others. Not even when the hero is the "good guy" in the story.

It’s time for games to tell a story about a hero who isn’t holding back the apocalypse, a hero that's not morally ambiguous. But a hero with a solid personnal motivation, backing up and saving his friends and the people around him.

How many times did we witness a public situation of violence, robbery, etc, and we could have done something besides calling the police (if that ever happened), but we did nothing about it?

I say is time to stop saving the world and start helping the people closest to us, like all of us should be doing in real life. Don't you agree?

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Daredevil evolution by artist Kate Willaert - source: gabbinggeek, edited by Migueruta

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