Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes release and prices

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Set for release on March 18th for PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One, Ground Zeroes will act as a bridge between the linearity of existing series entries and the open-world environments of the upcoming fifth instalment. Is also a prologue to The Phantom Pain, which currently has no release date yet. Actually, MGS creator Hideo Kojima pointed out there will quite a gap between the release of Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain:

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"It would've actually been better to release it all at once, but by the way things are going, it appears likely that Phantom Pain will be coming out around the time the PlayStation 4 becomes more spread out," he said. "That means we would've had to make people wait a while longer.
"However, The Phantom Pain has enormous volume, so it will require much more time. So, together with the marketing staff, we consulted 'what ifs' and such, and came to the decision of allowing fans to at least play the prologue, ahead of time."
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The boxed PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Ground Zeroes will cost £29.99/€29.99, while digital versions will cost £19.99/€19.99. And PS4 and Xbox One digital versions will be priced at £29.99/€29.99? Really?
-Why the overpriced value compared to PS3 and Xbos360?? Isn't this a sort of tecnological racism towards last console generation? I can only imagine this movie:
"Hey! Stop complainning! If you got money to buy a PS4, you can also pay 10€ more for the same game which is cheaper for PS3!" :P

And of course there will be a major gap between Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain releases, because Kojima's Marketing Staff is waiting for the PS4/Xbox One to be more spread out, so it can improve the chances of higher game sales.

In my opinion, this non-cheaper prologue is a marketing manouver to tease gamers on buying the Phantom Pain once it's released in a year or something. This is the same as, you have a full bag of chicken bones, but you only throw one at the dog so it will follow you everywhere you go with that bag. ^_^)

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