Kojima Buys the Rights to Continue Metal Gear Franchise (En)

Solid Snake will return! YEAHHH! xD
After long and hard negotions, Sony finally bought the Copyrights so Hideo Kojima can continue the Metal Gear Solid franchise that himseft help to create in the 80's.

"Working with Sony, now i can have all the time in the world to develop Solid Snake's story and
post my food pics on Twitter at the same time, without having Konami peeking over my shoulder every minute." - Kojima said.

Besides the predictable remakes of the first two Metal Gear games, he announced the prodution of a new chapter that follows The Phantom Pain events just to fill the gap between it and the Remakes of the 1st two Metal Gear games.
And its biggest surprise is: Solid Snake will return! 

This time around the story will unfold Solid Snake's younger days as a teenager, a few years after the story of The Phantom Pain, beginning as a Recruit till he gets to be a Top Stealth Solo Operative for Fox Hound.

With this new chapter, Hideo Kojima wants to close this series'amazing story, so he won't have to make any other Metal Gear after the Remakes of the initial franchise games.

We'll be looking foward for more details related to this awesome news. Be on the lookout, guys! ^_^)


Source: Migueruta (that cute gamer)

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  1. Respostas
    1. Oh yeah!!! This is really awesome news! xD

  2. He also bought the rights to the Beverly Hills Cop series so, Snake will be doing future espionage operations with Axel Foley. xD

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