MGSV Zeroes Ground is out in stores of United Arab Emirates now!

MGS5 GZ for Xbox One and PS3
NEWS FLASH: looks like the Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes date release was broken in stores of United Arab Emirates.

Its release should be done byMarch 18th (US) and 20th (Europe) but these arses are already selling the game for all platforms except the PlayStation4.

The MGS5 european suprise that was to be ruined by the 2 day advanced release in the US, got overkilled by this
unwanted, chocking, and disrespectful fact. Come to thinking, no wonder the US and other countries got issues with arab countries. If you don't really abide by international marketing rules, oh well, whatever... :P

But if this is to happen with the next game, MGSV The Phantom Pain, there is no point in making a game reservation at the local store - you can buy it thru the internet, from a United Arab Emirates webstore.

On other hand, why tha'hell Konami set two different release dates? That's so freakin'unfair! How much did Konami got paid to make such unfair decision?
-Konami, you better have learnt your lesson.

According to Game Informer "the supposedly controversial and shocking ending of the game can already be found on some websites" so, don't spoil the surprise. ;)


Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (PS3 & Xbox One), and TITANFALL (Xbox One)

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