Metal Gear Solid Hentai

(En) Graphic artists and people in general often imagine alternative costumes, situations, inversed facts, twisted and kinky stories, cross-game interaction, etc, about famous game characters around them and the final result is whay you can see next... (beware of erotic, nude, and pornographic content ahead, proceed at your own risk - all images are property of their own authors - if you know the author of any of the images, just leave in the comment section so i can update it)

(Pt) Artistas gráficos e gente em geral, muitas vezes imaginam indumentárias alternativas, situações caricatas, factos invertidos, histórias eróticas e perversas, cruzamento entre jogos diferentes, etc, incluindo personagens famosas dos jogos á sua volta, e o resultado final está à vista abaixo...
(cuidado que o conteúdo seguinte inclui cenas eróticas, nudez, e pornografia explícita, continuar a ver é da sua total escolha e responsabilidade - todas as imagens são propriedade dos seus autores - se sabes quem é o autor de alguma das imagens, deixa-o nos comentários para que possa ser actualizado)


Mega Milk - Brief Story/Breve História

Quiet cosplays "Mega Milk" ^_^)
(En) While trying to figure out what hell is that intriguing manga-girl with Mega Milk written over her tit-swollen-t-shirt, i've realized that «Mega Milk» is actually an exploitable image of a woman holding her large pair of boobs with a naughty expression on her face, while wearing a shirt which reads Mega Milk. The character is frequently used and redrawn, alongside with her facial expression, to resemble other fictional characters from Comics, Movies, Anime, Videogames, etc . Even the infamous T-Shirt design and words have been reproduced to start being sold online in the last few years.
The origin of the image comes from the hentai doujin